Spiced pumpkin with rice

1 big carrot

250g pumpkin

1 lime, juice

1 handful of parsley

3 cardamon cloves, grounded

2 teas spoon white sesame seed

salt and pepper

1 cup of jasmine rice

4 cloves

1 pinch of mustard seeds

5 black peppercorns

1 tea spoon of mild curry powder


In a pot heat up the oil and add the cloves, mustard seeds and curry powder. Stir and after half a minute add the rice. Fry for a minute and when the rice starts getting white, add the hot water, but only to the level of the rice. Cook on the low heat and stir occasionally. When the water is gone, put the lid on a pot and leave to finish.

In a pan fry pumpkin and carrot cut in pieces, add cardamon and salt. Add 100 ml of water and leave to cook until the vegetable is tender (about 10 minutes). Add the lime juice, season to your taste and add the parsley and sesame seeds.

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